Sunday, August 25, 2013

(ENG) Nic-Nac.. beginning a new translation.

Ana and I are about to take on a very large translate into English Eduardo Holmberg's novela, Viaje maravilloso del señor Nic-Nac al Planeta Marte. This was published in Argentina, in serial form in the Buenos Aires Newpaper El Nacional beginning in November of 1875. We will release it chapter by chapter on this blog, and eventually on PDF. Rachel Haywood Ferrera provides some excellent background on this story in English, in her book The Emergence of Latin American Science Fiction. We are translating right now from an edition offered in Spanish by the Biblioteca National in Buenos Aires.

Currently Anexia Editions in Argentina is doing a graphic novel of this tale in Spanish. They have completed part 1 and are working on part 2.
Here is a youtube preview:

Here is some information in English on Argentinian science fiction:

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